Welcome to Agroplug

Agroplug is a utility-based crypto platform with the ambition to grow into the biggest agricultural network of all time. Our vision is to become a leader in emerging digital agriculture.

Our Roadmap

Q4 2021 History
Q1 2022 Development
Q2 2022 Blockchain
Q3 2022 Beta Version
Q4 2022 Agroplug Network
Full 2023 Agroplug Business
2024-2030 Agroplug Revolution

What is Agroplug?

Agroplug is the digital transformation of the agriculture industry. A crypto project that’s vision is to revolutionize food production and distribution worldwide. Big Data provided by users of the platform will help industry professionals innovate, sustain, and yield better harvests.

We are developing a technology-driven ecosystem with fully decentralized finance. Our mission is to help the agriculture industry facilitate transactions and access a worldwide market with infrastructural support. We are building the bridge between the classic and crypto economies.


Secure transactions across the blockchain with decentralized finance offer subjects a high level of trust. Users with similar interests in the network can share data and provide Peer to Peer service. The blockchain provides a network for innovation with high secure transfers.

Artificial Intelligence

AI systems are helping to improve the overall quality of harvests with accuracy - known as “precision agriculture”. AI technology helps in detecting disease in plants, pests, and poor nutrition of farms. The next big step in agriculture is merging AI with Blockchain technologies. Agroplug is the network for perfecting the workflow and process automation.

IoT Systems

IoT allows devices across a farm to measure all kinds of data remotely and provide this information to the farmer in real-time. IoT enables devices embedded with sensors to connect to and interact with each other via the internet. Devices can be remotely monitored and can include anything from pumps, sheds, and tractors to weather stations and computers.


Agricultural robots automate slow, repetitive and dull tasks for farmers, allowing them to focus more on improving overall production yields. Some of the most common robots in agriculture are used for: Harvesting and picking. Agroplug gives institutional support for development of robotics.


Blockchain, Web 3.0, Social Networks, and mobile technology brings to users more connectivity and engagement. Faster and easier than ever we share, transfer, and use information. Agroplug with be a Social Network of innovators backed with a secure financial system using Blockchain technology. In the future we expect crypto communities will gather around shared interests and become one unified system. Agroplug will be completely independent and decentralized for the agriculture community.

Data Science

Data science is changing the way farmers and agricultural professionals have been making decisions. Modern technology has made it possible to collect data of soil, water, and minerals from farms, and store them in a centralized system.

Financial system

Decentralized Finance disrupts the traditional finance world. The crypto finance is already infiltrated in every industry, therefore evolution is inevitable. DeFi unlocks new values and provides new resources of development, which will cause wider use of crypto tokens. Blockchain smart contracts allow multiple parties to interact with each other, without needing a centralized intermediary.

Key spots of user interface:

Trade Agroplug


Agroplug platform helps agriculture users to find a market for products and goods. Trading on the global market with a high level of security and reliability. Safe transactions with escrow service.

Technology Agroplug


Agroplug provides umbrella support, finance, and infrastructure for new projects, startups, and ideas. Fundraising for inventions, marketing for progressive solutions, and matching the users and creators.

Agroplug Service


We plan to build a competitive platform that offers a wide range of B2B services. Agroplug will facilitate developing, buying, selling, and using  IoT systems, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and software solutions.

Data Agroplug


Agroplug will provide open data to freemium users. Weather forecast of a specific area, risk management, soil quality, demand on the market, and best production solutions.


KYC by Pinksale, Audit by Interfi

Why choose Agroplug?

Huge potential

The global agriculture market is expected to grow from  $10181.92 billion in 2021 to 13098,70 billion in 2025  at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6,5%. We focus on emerging digital agriculture due to growth prediction and massive payout. We believe Agroplug is a game-changer. With a potential 100 Billion $ market cap Agroplug we try to prosper in crypto and traditional market.


Digital Agriculture enhances more eco-friendly and sustainable growth of a city or a region, through finer waste management, because of the enhancement of irrigation across the crop and food value chain. Agile organization and digital assets guarantee a path in fostering innovation via new services and applications and driving organizational change through transparency.

Environmental protection

Innovation in agriculture will have to increase if we want to safeguard our food supply. Digitalization in farming can help us deploy our resources efficiently and effectively. Data and smart practices will enable our farmers to get the best out of their yields with minimal environmental impact. Agroplug follows the UN’s principles of sustainability and ecosystem restoration.

World of Abundance

We want to build a better future for the world. We believe our project will drive the innovation of food production and distribution. It will impact every level of the agriculture industry. We share the UN’s vision of a world without hunger 2050, and our projects look to manifest that sooner! Our goal is to help build a better society, reduce pollution, and sustain our cities and communities with the healthiest foods worldwide.


Digitalization in agriculture helps in the enhancement and productivity of yield per acre, without impacting the environment and avoiding extra waste. It will also boost transparency and the sharing of credible information. This will help farmers to upgrade their financial and economic models. Digital Agriculture also helps in the evaluation of water management.


Technologies like robotics, drones, IoT, and AI already help many agriculture professionals worldwide. Spreading these new technologies and providing a secure financial ecosystem for users will drive innovation. Digital transformation of agriculture is the next big thing for a sustainable future. The benefits of adopting this system will be remarkable!


Tokenomics Agroplug Coin

Contract Address: 0x60C95dEd1044A6FF69D98142B6C5616639BDBbD7

Total supply 1,000,000,000

Tokens for presale: 324,500,000

Tokens for liquidity: 137,500,000

Research and development: 251,000,000 (Half Locked 2 years, Budget plan, Burn)

Team: 170,000,000 (Locked 1 year)

Marketing and Rewards: 116,000,000 (Unlocked)

Agroplug BSC